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Hydroelectric Power Generation Ielts

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Hydroelectric Power Generation Ielts

Hydropower 1

T1 Process - Hydropower

  1. Processes can seem very difficult because you may not know some (or a lot!) of the words/terms used in the diagram. Take a minute or two to follow the process in your mind before you start to write.
  2. If you don’t know a word, then just copy it with an appropriate verb. For example, if you don’t know what “high-voltage cables” are, you can just write, “the power is sent through high-voltage cables”. Similarly, if you don’t know what “evaporation” is, you write something like, “The sun heats the water, which leads to evaporation.”
  3. Use a range of linking words and phrases to separate the steps.
  4. You don’t need to be an expert on the topic in the diagram, but if you know some relevant advanced vocabulary, then use it. In the samples below, the simple one assumes you don’t know much, while the advanced one uses a lot of specific vocabulary to do with the water cycle and power generation.
  5. Remember in Task 1 that you must give an overview. In a process, this can be difficult, so at least aim to say how many stages there are and/or state the beginning and end stages.
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NOTE – The following contains two sample answers: a simple one and an advance one. The simple one has key linking words and phrases included in bold. The advanced one has some useful high-level vocabulary included in italics. The advanced sample is written at a Band 9 level.

T1 Process - Hydropower


The diagram provides an outline of the stages in generating electricity from water. The process begins with water in the ocean and ends with power being provided to buildings, such as hospitals and schools.

To begin with, the heat of the sun evaporates water in the ocean. As a result, the water rises and forms into clouds. When it rains, these clouds drop some of their water into a reservoir, which is a large area used to store water. The water is kept in the reservoir with a dam that can be opened with a valve to release water down a hill. When the valve is opened the water flows down the hill and spins a turbine, sending electricity through high-voltage cables to a transformer station. From the transformer station, the electricity is sent to various places where it is needed, such as homes and factories.

An extra point to note is that after the water passes through the turbine, it is pumped back up into the reservoir using extra power that is available so that the water can be used again to spin the turbines and generate power. (189 words)

T1 Process - Hydropower


The diagram shows how hydro-electric power is generated. Write a report of at least 150 words describing the main details.

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The diagram outlines the principal stages involved in hydro-electric power generation. This process has its origins in the natural water cycle and concludes with power being provided to relevant infrastructure.

At first, solar energy heats water in the ocean, causing it to evaporate. As the water vapour rises, it condenses and forms into clouds which move over the land. Eventually, the clouds will drop rain, some of which will fall into a reservoir. The water stored in this area is kept back by a dam, which contains a valve to open and close it. When the valve is released, water flows down a steep incline and its momentum spins a turbine, producing power. At this point, most of the power is transferred through high-voltage lines to a transformer station, which converts the power into a voltage that is suitable for the electricity needs of the local area.

Finally, it is important to state that some of the surplus power generated by the turbine is used to pump the water back up into the reservoir so that it can be used to meet electricity demands in the future. (186 words)

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