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Ielts Speaking Part 1 Social Media

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Social Media: Study how the speaker answers the topic questions below. Talking about social media is a piece of cake since it is something that we all have and use in this digital age.

Below are the sample answers talking about social network applications. Get ideas from this post and achieve your target band score.





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Do you or your friends like using social media?

(Answer 1)

Yes, my friends and I enjoy using social media because everything that we see on social media is entertaining and educational. We’re fond of (have a liking for) using TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, most of our free time is spent on social media and I know that it is sometimes unhealthy but we can’t help ourselves (unable to control their selves).

(Answer 2)

Well, my friends love spending time on social media and posting the things that have happened in their lives to let their friends and other people know about them. However, I’m not like them as I already gave up all my social media accounts years ago. I feel like posting anything about my life on social media is seeking validation (recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings are valid). I don’t need that since I’m confident about myself.

What kind of people do you like to be friends with on those social media websites?

(Answer 1)

First of all, I don’t make friends with anyone on social media. I only make friends with those I personally know of. So, most of my friends on my social media accounts are the ones that I spend time every now and again (from time to time). All of them are lovely people and we all share common interests.

(Answer 2)

Aside from my offline friends, I make friends with foreigners because I want to be exposed to different cultures and I want to learn a new language. Making friends with people across the globe (throughout the world) is actually interesting as I get to widen my perspective on life. In fact, I have several friends from the US, Japan, and Norway on my Facebook account.

What kind of social networking websites do you like to use?

(Answer 1)

I enjoy spending time on TikTok because because videos in there are entertaining and educational. Most videos are not lengthy like those on YouTube. Also, I love using Pinterest as I get different ideas about decorating, cooking, designing, and many other things. In fact, the knowledge that I have about home decor is obtained mostly from Pinterest.

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(Answer 2)

Well, Facebook because it’s more popular in this country, and as I said earlier, I have some foreign friends there. I use it every single day to socialize with my friends and my family who are living away from me. Aside from that, I’m fond of (to like something very much) using TikTok since I can learn so many things that I know nothing about or I don’t learn at school. Recently, I learned lots of things related to psychology and business and I found them very valuable.

What kind of chatting apps or software do people in your country like to use?

(Answer 1)

I think WhatsApp and Messenger. These two are very popular because they are very user-friendly that even the elderly can easily navigate. I’ve been using these two for more than 5 years now and I love them.

(Answer 2)

I believe FaceTime since a lot of people in my country are fanatics of iPhones. Those iPhone users can easily use that chatting application to communicate with their friends and family. Also, Messenger is famous because the majority of people here use Facebook. Well, I prefer using Messenger to FaceTime when conversing with my family and friends.

Do you think you or your friends use too much social media?

(Answer 1)

Unfortunately, yes! I don’t know I think we’re kind of addicted to it. We love using Tiktok because it’s fun as we can film ourselves dancing. As for Facebook and Twitter, we can express our thoughts or opinions about social or political issues freely aside from the fact that we can learn some educational matters posted on those social media sites.

(Answer 2)

Well, perhaps my friends do but I don’t since I have no social media account. Lately, I don’t really know what’s going on with the lives of those people whom I know, well, except for my best friends since we talk from time to time. But anyway, I don’t really care about the lives of other people usually posted on social media.

Do you want to work in social media?

(Answer 1)

Yes, because social media is a giant industry which means there are numerous job opportunities. I believe I’ll be able to utilize my communication, creativity, and editing skills if I work in that industry. Well, I’m actually thinking of working as a social media manager for big brands.

(Answer 2)

No, that has never crossed my mind (come to mind) because my profession has nothing to do with social media. I’m a medical practitioner so my skills will not match the skills needed by that industry. Besides, I don’t use social media so it’ll be difficult for a social media company to hire someone who doesn’t use any social media.

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What’s the most popular social media platform in your country?

(Answer 1)

Recently, I think TikTok since it has a wider audience. These days, Tiktok is not only for entertainment where people can see dances but also for business. I see major companies or brands jump on the bandwagon (join others in doing) to promote their products or services. They use that social media platform as their marketing tool since they can get more customers from that site.

(Answer 2)

I’m not sure about this but I guess it’s Youtube because there are so many entertaining and educational videos uploaded on that site. I just heard that during the height (the peak) of the pandemic, people’s go-to platform to entertain or educate themselves was YouTube. I, myself, love YouTube as I get to entertain, inform, and educate myself without any cost.

Do you use social networking applications?/What kind of social networking websites do you like to use?

(Answer 1)

Yes definitely and I actually have LINE and Facebook Messenger. I’m always active on these two social networking applications as they are my main modes of communication for both personal and professional contacts.


Call me primitive but honestly, I don’t even have one. I am not into using any social networking applications because I just don’t feel safe using them. So, I stick to the traditional ways of contacting my friends or my colleagues which are sending text messages or making calls.


Active [adj.] [computing] – to be always on time

Mode of communication [expression] – means of communication; ways of communication

Personal contact [noun] – refers to loved ones

Professional contact [noun] – refers to colleagues

Primitive [adj.] – ancient

Be into [phrase] – be interested in

Stick to [phrasal verb] – to continue doing or using

How often do you use social networking applications?

(Answer 1)

I believe every hour of every day like I said, I’ve used social networking apps for communication. Not only that, but I also use them for checking the latest news or trending news worldwide specifically on Facebook or LINE. As you know, social networking applications or sites are the best avenues to keep us posted on the latest news in this social media era.

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(Answer 2)

Not much, I’m not a social media addict like most young people these days. I always discipline myself not to be absorbed in using them as they surely distract my studies and I don’t want my time to go to waste just for socializing with virtual friends.


Trending [adj.] – currently popular, especially on social media sites

Avenue [noun] – a method or way of doing something

Keep (somebody) posted [phrase] – keep giving the latest information about a situation that you are interested in

Absorbed [adj.] – having one’s attention fully engaged in something

Distract [verb] – to divert the attention

Go to waste [phrase] – to be useless

Virtual friends [noun] – online friends

Do you find any disadvantages to using social networking applications?

Well, there are plenty but let me tell you the two most major problems that I see. First, too much usage results in addiction, when a user becomes a slave to using any social networking applications, he loses focus on his studies or work. And these social networking sites have become a channel for cyberbullying for some individuals.


Plenty [pronoun] – a lot of; many

Usage [noun] – the action of using something

Distract [verb] – divert one’s attention

Channel [noun] – a way of communicating with people

Do you think it is good to make friends online?

Yes, definitely but one should be responsible enough, I mean one needs to be more careful in choosing the right people to be friends with since these days there are some scammers online who deceive or extort money from people. Making virtual friends comes with risks so as much as possible people should be cautious when making friends online.


Scammer [noun] – a person who commits fraud

Deceive [verb] – cheat; trick

Extort [verb] – to get something by force such as money

Virtual friends [noun] – online friends

Comes with [phrasal verb] – to involve; be the result of something

Cautious [adj.] – careful; wary

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