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Robert Goddard Ielts Listening

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MAN: Hello?

WOMAN: Hi, good morning, this is Talia from Parrot Bay Travel Agency. Is Robert Goddard (Example) there?

MAN: Yes, speaking.

WOMAN: I’m so sorry that I made such an early phone call, and I’m calling to ask a few questions about your most recent vacation – could I have five minutes of your time?

MAN: Sure thing.

WOMAN: Great, thanks. Now, I see here that you visited Melbourne. Was this your first visit to Melbourne?

MAN: No (Q1), I have actually been there twice before.

WOMAN: I see. Now, what would you say was your favorite part about Melbourne?

MAN: Well, I did like seeing the exotic wildlife, and there are great sites to see, but I have to say I was most impressed by the amazing weather (Q2).

WOMAN: Yeah, the weather there is amazing. Which of the sites listed as part of our official tour did you see, and of those, which was your favorite?

MAN: First I saw the theatre, which was beautifully designed. It was not nearly as cool as the Town Hall (Q3) though – the building is a huge part of Melbourne’s history. Definitely my favourite. I saw the aquarium too, but wasn’t too impressed.

WOMAN: I see. Yes, people often have great reviews of Town Hall. Now I would like to ask you about your dining experience. Did you enjoy the food there?

MAN: Absolutely -I loved it!

WOMAN: I’m glad to hear it. Could you tell me a little bit about what you most enjoyed about the food?

MAN: Being such an international city, I loved the variety (Q4) – I could find any type of food I wanted. Whether I wanted seafood, burgers, or anything else, you name it and they had it.

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WOMAN: Did you drive to Melbourne?

MAN: No, I flew. I thought about going by train, but in the interest of time I decided to go by plane (Q5).

WOMAN: Right, I see.

WOMAN: And would you mind telling me whether you are under 20, between the ages of 20 and 40, or older than 40?

MAN: Er, it would be nice if I were still under 20. My vacation probably would have been quite different. Actually though, I just turned 41 last week (Q6).

WOMAN: Oh, happy birthday! So did you treat yourself and fly first class?

MAN: Ha! No way. I would love to have a budget that high. I’m more in the mid-range (Q7) income level. I wasn’t always though – I spent much of my life in a low-income household.

WOMAN: I see. That answers my next question then, of income level. And what was the purpose of this visit?

MAN: I had to go there on business a lot before and decided I would go there for tourism (Q8) this time.

WOMAN: I see. And what is your occupation?

MAN: I am mainly a computer programmer (Q9). I also write for a travel magazine on the side, which is why I visited Melbourne before, but it’s not my main source of income.

WOMAN: I see. Wow, it sounds like you work a lot!

MAN: Yes, I am very busy, which is exactly why I took a nice week-long vacation to Melbourne.

WOMAN: I completely agree. Would you care to comment on your accommodation?

MAN: My hotel was good value (Q10). Staying in the city can get really expensive, so it was nice to find such a good price for the location and quality. I’m glad I didn’t end up in some cheap motel in the middle of nowhere.

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WOMAN: I’m glad you didn’t either. Well, thank you for taking part in our survey, and I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation!

MAN: No problem. Take care!

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